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Holy Arrogance

So, I've been reading these series of books by Wendy Alec, a Christian Author. Chronicles of Brothers is a series of 7 books that is set in the first Heaven, Earth, and Hell, beginning at the inception of time, and traces three angelic brothers Micheal, Gabriel, and Lucifer's journey from their idyllic world in the first Heaven through to Lucifer's ultimate banishment with his fallen host to perdition. The narrative interweaves interpretations of Biblical texts, particularly the Book of Revelation with Alec’s own imagination. Now, this is not a plug for the book (but for all my biblical fiction lovers out there, it's a really good book), but there is something major that I'd like you to take note of as I quote some paragraphs from the book:

{Note: this might be a spoiler for all those who want to read the book but it becomes pretty obvious that Adrian is the Antichrist, Nick is a new believer in Christ, and The Nazarene is Jesus Christ}
..."Adrian …