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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Question: What is wonderfully exciting, yet mundane? Filled with happiness and joy, yet infused with moments of sadness and deep sorrow? You guessed it...LIFE!. This life that we have been blessed with can be quite an exciting adventure. But it could also be nightmare, especially when something terrible happens. I mean, one minute, you can be laughing so hard that tears begin to streak down your cheek, and the next moment, weeping so hard that you feel like your heart's about to break from the burdens that sorrow can bring. I'm sure you've had such moments (and if you haven' prepared). 
When I was younger, after having received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, for the umpteenth time I might add (no one had yet explained to me the process of sanctification...but that's another topic for another day), I thought my life would be smooth sailing from then. Thus, whenever I encountered a hard circumstance, I thought, "I must be doing something wr…